About Us

Clarity Conveyancing is an independent licensed real estate settlement agency located in Bunbury servicing clients throughout Western Australia. With real estate and settlement experience since 2004, we offer a wide range of conveyancing services.

Property Settlement demands an eye for detail, a methodical approach, diligence, clarity under pressure, a strong reserve in patience, dedication and hard work – all of which come naturally at Clarity Conveyancing.

Clarity Conveyancing has a dedicated and experienced team headed by Kate Neaves – a settlement and conveyancing specialist with a trusted reputation for making the property settlement process transparent and rewarding for both parties.

Our mission

With an eye for detail and commitment to great service, we make the property settlement process transparent and rewarding for both buyers and sellers.

Licencing and affiliations

Clarity Conveyancing is licenced as a Real Estate Settlement Agency in Western Australia. We are also a member of the Australian Institute of Conveyancers in WA, and a PEXA Certified Agency.

About Us
About Us
About Us

Our team

Kate Neaves


Kate is a fan of structure, order, method and process – so it’s no surprise that she has carved out a successful 15-year career in conveyancing following these principles. She thrives on dotting the I’s, crossing the T’

s and ensuring every detail during the legal transfer of property is taken care of.

Kate’s clients can rely on her attention to detail, methodical approach and no-nonsense attitude to get the job done. She is calm, efficient, and ready to deal with any problem that arises – fast.

Kate’s aim is to make the property settlement process transparent and rewarding for both parties, with all questions answered and explained. That’s why her business is called Clarity Conveyancing.

She will guide you step by step through the legal process of buying and selling a property, ensuring your individual needs are met along the way.

Kate is passionate and committed to giving first class service to her clients. As a completely independent settlement agent, her top priority is you.

Clarity Conveyancing provides peace of mind, with simple procedures and informed decisions making your property settlement the experience you deserve.

Call Kate Clarity Conveyancing today: 08 9791 2722.